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Days of Future Past: The Rogue Cut

X-Men: Days of Future Past follows the premise that the world of the original X-Men films has been all but destroyed by a war with prejudiced humans and the Sentinel robots. Cities have burned, the population has been decimated, and anyone who is a mutant, mutant sympathizer, or a human with the genetic marker to eventually have mutants in their family have been hunted down and put into prison camps or outright killed. To stop this war from ever having started, the X-Men make a last ditch effort to send Logan back in time and change the past to fix the future.

The Rogue Cut is an alternate edition of the film. It added 17 minutes of previously unused footage, including a subplot involving Anna Paquin's character Rogue, whose role was reduced to a brief cameo in the theatrical release.

Due to Paquin's tight schedule while filming her series True Blood, her scenes were the first to be filmed, and later deemed not quite right for the final theatrical release. Along with Paquin's scenes, others cut and added back into The Rogue Cut include Erik breaking into the Pentagon to retrieve his helmet and Raven returning to the mansion before going to Washington.

For details on Rogue's role in this version of the film, see below. [DoFP Wiki]

When Kitty is injured by Logan’s adamantium claws, Erik and Charles struggle to find a way to give their past selves and Logan more time to change the timeline. [YouTube]

Bobby: ”There is someone else.”
Charles: “No, no one has Kitty’s power.”
Bobby: “Someone that could take her power. Take her place. She took yours once.”
Erik: “Rogue.”
Charles: “I’m sorry, Bobby. She must be dead. I haven’t been able to make a connection with her for years.”
Bobby: “That’s because they’re keeping her in the one place your mind can’t reach from the outside. She’s in Cerebro. She’s in your house, Professor. They’re experimenting on her, trying to tap into her power so they can take ours. Take all of ours.”
Erik: “If you knew this, why didn’t you go after her?”
Bobby: “We tried. It’s too heavily guarded.”
Charles: “I may know a few things about that house they don’t.”

Charles, Erik, and Bobby return to the X-Mansion, which has been converted into a highly secure government base. Charles guides them with his telepathy through the utility tunnels running under the mansion, allowing them to bypass security and go directly to Cerebro, where a team of scientists are in the middle of an experiment with Rogue strapped to a table.

”I’ve been on that slab. Let me show you how it feels.”

Erik forces the scientists away from Rogue with their own surgical tools, and they flee the room as Bobby goes to Rogue and tries to wake her. He finally touches her face with his hand, causing her powers to activate and absorb his energy and mutation, and she wakes with a gasp of frosty air. [YouTube]

Sentinels find them as they return to the utility tunnels, and Bobby stays behind to fend off the attack until three Sentinels ultimately overpower him. Erik gets Rogue back to the jet and Xavier, causing an explosion in the mansion on the way. [YouTube]

During the escape, a Sentinel grabs onto the jet, and while it is thrown off after some fancy flying by Xavier, a hand is left behind wedged into part of the exterior. This explains how the Sentinels were able to find the mountain temple so quickly, which is not addressed in the theatrical cut of the film.

Rogue absorbs Kitty’s powers in the temple and takes over her spot. ”Hello, Logan.” As Logan wakes in the past, his stunned “Rogue” implicates that he heard and/or felt her in that moment. [YouTube]

The Sentinels arrive to attack the temple and the others hold them off as long as possible, but eventually they breach the temple. Rogue is there in those final moments, holding Logan in the past until the last possible second, until the timeline is reset.