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Name:Rogue || Marie D'Ancanto
Location:New York, United States of America
the mutant effect

Is everything a baited hook?
And are there locks on all doors?
If you're looking for an open book,
Look no further, I am yours.


Late twenties/early thirties, 5’7” tall, petite but physically fit from training. Chestnut brown hair with white streaks at the front, brown eyes, and pale skin, unless she’s been out tanning. There is a tattoo on her left forearm reading M4827 and her back is covered in scars from 'tissue harvesting' and skin grafts from her time spent in captivity during the Sentinel War.


Rogue possesses the ability to absorb the memories, abilities, personality, and outward physical characteristics of other beings through skin-to-skin contact. No upper limit has been determined for the number of beings she could simultaneously imprint. Upon absorbing another's memories, Rogue also gains any associated emotional responses. Rogue is typically able to control such emotions, however absorbing psyches more powerful than her own results in Rogue’s psyche being supplanted. Prior to the Sentinel War and her subsequent capture and captivity, Rogue had been working with Charles Xavier to control her powers, but their efforts were met with only limited success.

She is able to speak fluent French and is an excellent pilot.

You're an exception to the rule
You're a bonafide rarity
You're all I ever wanted.
Southern girl, could you want me?


Marie was born in the Deep South of the United States to parents she never knew. Given up for adoption as a baby, she spent most of her early years in foster homes until ending up with Raven Darkholme. She lived with Mama Raven for two wonderfully happy years, but shortly after her eighth birthday, she was given up again to the state of Mississippi. It wouldn't be until nearly twenty years later that Rogue would learn her beloved foster mother's true identity and that she had only ever taken Rogue in because of predictions by her good friend Destiny - Raven hoped that Rogue would one day be useful to the mutant cause.

[under construction]

Rogue decides against taking the drug and returns to her life at the X-Mansion (X3 alternate ending). Three months after taking the "Cure", mutants everywhere began to have their powers reactivated, and a year later Rogue resumed training with Xavier after his return to the mansion. She learned how to partition her mind and lock away the more unsavory personalities she'd absorbed over the years, but control over her powers eluded them.

After finishing high school, Rogue stayed on as a teacher at Xavier's school, as well as a full member of the X-Men. She taught French and self-defense classes, and filled in anywhere else she was needed.

The Sentinel War: After nearly three years of captivity, experimentation, and torture, Rogue was rescued by Bobby, Professor X, and Magneto (Days of Future Past: Rogue Cut). Bobby gave his life to give them time to escape and get Rogue to the temple in China where the mutants were staging their last stand against the Sentinel army. She absorbed the temporal phasing power of Kitty Pryde in order to continue projecting Logan into the past. The mission was a success: Just as the Sentinels broke into the room, the past was changed, resulting in the destruction of the current timeline. It should have been the end, Rogue's existence blinking out as the clock was reset, but instead she was thrown into a different time and place.

So come outside and walk with me
We'll try each other on to see if we fit
And with our roots become a tree
To shade what we make under it.


Rogue is sassy, stubborn, and strong-willed, refusing to be pushed around or bullied by others. She is also fiercely protective of people she cares about, as well as those who just need protecting -- she will come to the aid of anyone in need, even if it looks to be a losing battle, because it's the right thing to do. During her first years with Xavier and the X-Men, she had a very black and white view of the world, but recent events have turned everything into shades of grey and she's not quite sure of her moral compass anymore. Regardless, she's a passionate person, but can be prone to bouts of irrational anger and calculated coldness, and it's hard to say whether those traits are her own or borrowed from Wolverine and Magneto.

Rogue feels very guilty when people she cares about are hurt by her powers, and grieves greatly for the people she was forced to kill during her years of captivity as part of the government's experimentation. Her dreams are haunted by memories of their deaths, and of her own traumatic experiences, as well as those she remembers from absorbing others.

She can be a complete and total flirt, using her skills to show genuine affection, put people at ease, or get her own way. Rogue is a very sensual person and has no problem encouraging a 'look but don't touch policy', nor is she at all ashamed of her nature. Once she is in a relationship with someone, she is both committed and faithful.

You're an exception to the rule
You're a bonafide rarity
You're all I ever wanted.
Southern girl, could you want me?


Cannon / Type: X-Men through X-Men: Days of Future Past; film series by Marvel and Fox
Cannon Point of Entry: Directly following Days of Future Past for time-travel/cross-canon PSLs; other points available based on scenario
Both character and player are over 21.

Played By: Amy -- musebox at [community profile] fateandfortune
Location: IN, USA / EST
Plurk Account: [ profile] taintedcrimson

X1 || X2 || X3 || DOFP || Rogue Cut || Wikia
Profile by [ profile] refutare || Layout by [personal profile] bakesale

Rogue is copyright of Marvel and associated parties. Anna Paquin belongs to herself.
"Southern Girl" lyrics are copyright of Incubus.
Anna Paquin banner made by me.

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