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You've reached Rogue, please leave a message and I'll get back to you soon.

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[It has taken him a bit to learn how to use the network, but once he felt confident with it, he sent a message to Rogue. He hadn't forgotten their conversation by the fire or how much they shared in sorrow. That similarity left him wondering if she was managing better than he was and if she had found better friends than she had known before.

Questions that could only be framed in his usual Jon Snow way.]

You're well?
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I'm adjusting as much as I can to this world. It is better than sleeping where we landed. I have had to find other arrangements for my quarters.

I hope yours are at least comfortable?
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Conflicts from my world are spilling over into this one. My brother and the man that was raised alongside us are continually fighting. I'm tired of the arguments.

Good. I had hoped you would find someone you could trust here.
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I was offered the chance to stay with someone else until the arguments stopped.

[Which could be never.]

Has something happened?
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[Something he could empathize with. He was too often in his head.]

I wish I could tell you how to do that. I haven't found a way to look towards the future either.
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I'm willing to try, but do you know where to begin?
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You won't accept a 'no', will you?

Aye, all right. I will.
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forward dated to tomorrow?? u.n: j.watson

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Rogue. It's John Watson. I've heard you've been out for a couple of shifts, are you doing alright?
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[ During this thread: ]

Hello. My name is Cassandra. I am with your roommate. What is your house number?