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You're an exception to the rule
You're a bonafide rarity
You're all I ever wanted.
Southern girl, could you want me?

CHARACTER NAME: Marie "Rogue" D'Ancanto
CHARACTER CANON: X-Men Cinematic films, in the Days of Future Past: The Rogue Cut era, with comic influence for the in-between.

[OOC Permissions]

Backtagging: Yes, will backtag into eternity!
Threadjacking: No. Maybe? Only for plot.
Fourthwalling: No. (Unless there's good plot for it.)
Canon Puncture: No. (Unless there's good plot for it.)
Offensive Subjects: None for the most part.

[IC Permissions]

Hugging this character: If she's suited up right, she's all for hugging.
Kissing this character: Definitely not, unless the other party wants to end up unconscious.
Flirting with this character: She'll either flirt right back or punch someone for it, either way it's completely worth a try.
Fighting with this character: Absolutely.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Yes, but ask how/how much/etc for the situation.
Killing this character: Nope. Unless the circumstance offers the chance of revival, then yes, let's talk.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Yes, though it may not be possible in some circumstances. Contact me for plotting!

Relationships: Rogue has a main sexual preference for men, but doesn't mind if they are human, mutant, or alien, so long as they can keep up and aren't afraid of a relationship that takes more than a little work. She would be open to a relationship with a woman if there was a real connection there - she cares more about personality and who someone is rather than what they are. Her other emotional relationships are few but strong, and she can be a fierce ally and friend to those who earn her trust.

Warnings: She's been through some stuff, both personally and second-hand through absorbed memories from others, so she's got some issues and a healthy dose of PTSD.


Rogue possesses the ability to absorb the lifeforce, memories, abilities, personality, and outward physical characteristics of other sentient beings through skin-to-skin contact. With mutants and those with non-human powers, she is typically able to control these borrowed gifts as well as and even better than their owner. Upon absorbing another's memories, Rogue also gains any associated emotional responses.

Please let me know 1) if Rogue can touch your character and absorb them, and 2) what powers, memories, and/or emotions she would experience during the absorption period. Everything involving this will be discussed in advance!