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El Nysa >> Permissions


Player: Amy

Preferred Contact: [ profile] taintedcrimson @ Plurk, taintedcrimson#0896 @ Discord, or PM

Usual tagging times/pace: Usually evening/night (US EST; GMT -04:00)

Backtagging: Absolutely! If things get too far in the past, perhaps we can talk it out in order to move forward.

Fourthwalling policy: By permission!

Action vs. Prose: Can do either!

Offensive Subjects & Triggers: Nothing here for now!


Physical Violence: Violence is okay so long as no gory results are involved -- please discuss first for that.

Mental Information: This will completely depend on the situation at hand. Rogue has severe PTSD from fighting in a war and being held prisoner in a medical lab for many years, but she possesses some mental shielding abilities that may prevent characters with mental abilities from easily reading her. Between this and the hundreds of psyches that exist in her mind, it's best to please contact me OOC so I can let you know what your character will read from her, etc.

Physical Affection: Rogue is very sensitive to physical affection, in that she has been without it for a long time and is very affected by it. Now that she has control of her mutation, she will begin to be more open about initiating physical affection, though expect some hesitation and then potentially emotional responses to received affection.

IC Triggers: No permission needed! Rogue may react negatively to being restrained in any way and medical situations due to her time as a prisoner of war.

Relationships: Bring on all the relationships! Romantic, friendly, and familial are all incredibly welcome.

Are you interested in participating in the game's smut opt-ins? Should the occasion arise, would definitely consider it!

If yes, please state your preferences: M/F is Rogue's main preference, though she would not be against exploring a F/F relationship or encounter. As Rogue is 34 and has been through some terrible circumstances, mature characters only please.


Rogue is a mutant with a touch-based ability. She does not use her power on others lightly, especially now that she has control over it, but there are instances where it may come up. These are her abilities:
ABSORPTION Upon skin-to-skin contact, she absorbs the life force, memories, emotions, abilities, personality, and outward physical characteristics of other sentient beings. No upper limit has been determined for the number of beings she can simultaneously imprint. Absorbing psyches more powerful than her own can result in Rogue’s psyche being supplanted for a short time.
ABILITY BORROWING Generally for every 1 second she touches someone, she is able to use their abilities for 60 seconds. This can be mutations and powers, or enhanced physical or mental abilities.
PSYCHE COPYING After the immediate absorption wears off, a copy of the other person's psyche is left in Rogue's mind; these psyches are fully formed, and Rogue is able to communicate with the ones who aren't hostile or overly resistant.
Are you okay with Rogue using her power on your character? I will always discuss things OOC with you to determine the extent, repercussions, and what she would absorb for emotions/memories/etc.

Opt-Out Option: Rogue's history is full of medical torture, imprisonment, memories of fighting in a war, and personal experience with hate crimes. If there are things you'd rather not have come up in our threads, please let me know! And if you'd rather not have your character meet Rogue at all, that's perfectly okay!